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Bodi Beauty Bar is the place to fulfillment of grooming needs.


The first impression is the last impression is a great old saying. This old saying is still a very good exercise to ensure that you leave a long-lasting impression on someone you meet for the first time. But the main thing nowadays is that people don’t have much time to take care of themselves because of their busy routines. In this case businesses like Bodi Beauty Bar are really helpful.

Skincare issues or medical problems are all got up covered by the Bodi Beauty Bar. They offer some other services like grooming, hair therapy, and manicure pedicure as well as provide a weight loss diet. In general, they are one go-to stop for ladies to glammed up for their special day. As they say that “Fall in love with taking care of yourself MIND-BODY-SPIRIT”. But to see the results one must stay consistent and follow their plans.

 Bodi Beauty Bar Controversial Owner

Looking at the reviews on yelp, only some of the customers have a positive and great experience. While many others commented that they had a very terrible experience with their assistance. One lady said that she would have the option to give them 0-star ratings she will give them a 0. As they took the prepayment from her when she arrived for her second checkup. She found out that the place was closed. After trying to get in touch with them she received an email that stated the cancellation policies of the company.  Well how you can cancel someone’s appointment when you are the one not rendering the services? That’s just one of many reviews about the holder.

Another piece of news is that she made discriminatory comments toward the Chinese workers accusing them of serving her spilled prawns. According to the staff, the order was fine and they respectfully tried to tell her that the shrimp was in accordance with the quality. She outburst and made some comments against the staff, which were recorded by employees as the video went viral on Social Media.

Even before this incident, her business had bad reviews on yelp which marks her ratings as 2-star. Bodi Beauty Bar not only received bad ratings for their services but for also their rude and discriminatory behaviors toward most of their customers. Well, only some of the reviews are good. But how she’d managed to get these reviews?

Body Beauty Bar is another beauty service provider which had drawn a lot of criticism towards their business as many people mistakes it for the original one the Bodi Beauty Bar.

Customers Before and after the Controversy

Even before the quarrel and statements she made about the workers of the restaurant. The reviews of the work were not good, mostly because of refunding policy and her behavior towards the clients.

Should you go for Bodi Beauty Bar?

In terms of pricing, they are cheap and often they provide stunning discounts on their services. Teeth Whitening costs only 95 bucks as compared to 650$. They also have massive 49% and 40% concessions on their body wraps and fat-cutting cures respectively. But still looking at the reviews and comments about them it’s up to you if you want to visit this place or not.





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