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Carpet Cleaning Services: Everything You Should to Know


The rugs bring warmth, softness, comfort, design, and style to any home, offering endless possibilities for decoration. But since they are in contact with the ground and receive our footsteps every day, the rugs suffer high wear and tear, which requires exhaustive maintenance to extend their useful life.

Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

It is very common to neglect carpet cleaning, as it is easy to forget. People often focus on cleaning other surfaces and inadvertently overlook this detail. However, it is very important to carry out carpet cleaning services for the following reasons:

  • Dirty carpets can contain numerous bacteria since they are ideal places for moths or certain microorganisms such as fungi and mites to settle. These very small beings can lead to health problems such as asthma or allergies. Because pets and rugs have a close relationship, carpet cleaning for pets is also essential. Therefore, carpet washing is a hygienic necessity.
  • It is common that the material of the carpet can absorb the odors that are around it, being capable of generating a disgusting smell itself.
  • Regarding aesthetics, time and dust can cause the color of the material with which it has been created to lose intensity and touch. In addition, stains are common, so a wash can reduce and solve all these problems.

For these reasons, we recommend washing this decorative element at least once a year to keep it clean.

Tips to keep your carpet clean

Once you have your carpet clean, we want to give you some tips to help maintain and preserve it.

Avoid stepping on the carpet with your shoes. This can help the transfer of dirt and stains. It can help you to avoid wearing shoes inside it and to wear slippers, both for you and your guests.

Clean with a vacuum cleaner and brushes. Before using the vacuum, it is advisable to use a new bag and clean it from top to bottom.

Take more care if you have pets. In the end, it cannot be completely prevented from biting or scratching the material by our beloved animals, but we can help to preserve it better if we vacuum more frequently to remove any hair that may come off.

If a stain occurs, clean it as soon as possible. This can reduce their severity and even prevent them from becoming permanent. To completely remove the stain, it is best to call professionals.

Speaking of professionals, if you want to keep your carpet in the best condition, the best decision is to go to a team of professionals to do a wash at least once a year.

What Benefits Do Carpet Cleaning Services Provide?

Carpet cleaning services are totally top quality and very comfortable for customers.

At the time of its treatment, the workers will use all the necessary elements to eliminate any microorganisms that may exist. All the required products and treatments are created to maintain and care for the carpet and will keep it protected.

The carpet cleaning services include the following procedure:

  • Carpet brushing.
  • A gentle suction is performed.
  • A previous treatment is done with neutral products to treat stains.
  • Manual cleaning is carried out with specific products in cold water.
  • Blotting paper is used to drain the water from the previous cleaning.
  • Mechanical ventilation is carried out for each fiber of the carpet at the appropriate temperature.
  • For the treatment of more intense dirt, dry cleaning is done with neutral products.
  • An anti-moth treatment is used.

If you need a carpet wash, you can get carpet cleaning services. They have a team of experts in carpet cleaning and disinfection procedures with the best value for money.

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