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Chardham Yatra by Helicopter 2023: Price, Tours, Services (Guide)


One of India’s most amazing journeys is the Chardham yatra in Uttarakhand. Four places make up this holy yatra, each dedicated to a different God. With this 6-day, 5-night helicopter trip, you’ll have the ideal opportunity to explore the well-known four Hindu pilgrimage sites.

A few years ago, travelling on the Chardham Yatra was difficult for someone ill. However, the Chardham yatra by Helicopter package has greatly facilitated the aspirants’ ability to appreciate their desire to set off on this transformative adventure. You may learn about the costs, schedules, and other information for the Chardham yatra by helicopter services through this blog by LIH Travel.

Itinerary for the 2023 Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter

The best time to schedule this tour is from April to June and then from September till the temples close. We recommend against choosing monsoon months because they are especially risky for landslides and these areas receive a lot of rainfall.

Arrival in Dehradun (day1)

Once you arrive at the Dehradun railway station or airport, your Char Dham yatra tour will begin. When you arrive at your hotel, you will spend a restful night; our agent will greet you and assist you in getting there. Since there is no set agenda for the evening, prepare to explore the neighbourhood after a few hours of relaxation.

Dehradun to Yamunotri (day2)

Your Char Dham yatra by helicopter tour will begin after you check out of your Dehradun hotel. Head to the Sahastradhara helipad, where you’ll take the helicopter to the Kharsali helipad after completing all the requirements. This is the time to begin the 7 km trek to Yamunotri Temple after arriving in Kharsali. If devotees cannot hike, they may benefit from a pony or palanquin ride. You will return to the Kharsali hotel after performing the puja at the Yamunotri temple, where you can rest for the rest of the day.

Yamunotri to Gangotri (day3)

Start your Char Dham yatra with a delicious breakfast before heading to the helipad; then, you will take a helicopter to travel to Harsil Helipad, which is in Gangotri. We will take you to You will be dropped off at the temple by our vehicle once you arrive at the Harsil helipad.

As a result of not having to wait in a lengthy line, you will receive a VIP Darshan Pass after Gangotri Temple’s puja procedures travel to the pre-arranged hotel for a night stop and dinner.

Gangotri to Kedarnath (day4)

You will go to Kedarnath Temple, the amazing Shiva temple in North India, as per plan. Reach the helipads of Guptkashi or Sersi after a nice lunch at your hotel. The flight to Kedarnath Dham’s helipad only lasts 45 minutes, and you must hike some miles from the helipad to visit Lord Kedarnath. Once you’ve arrived in Kedarnath, do your puja rites, and then head back to the helipad to catch your flight to the hotel for supper and the night. If you’re not too exhausted, you can use this to explore neighbouring areas.

Kedarnath to Badrinath (day5)

Like Kedarnath, Badrinath temple is well-known and one of the highlights of the Chardham yatra. After your meal, head to the helipad to prepare for a minimum 30-minute helicopter ride. Start your journey toward the majestic Badrinath Temple as soon as you arrive at the helipad in Badrinath. But barely one kilometre separates the helipad from the shrine. They may set up a cab trip for any devotee who finds it difficult to travel the distance on foot. After receiving God Badrinath’s blessings, return to your hotel for a delicious meal. You can schedule a trip for local sightseeing if you have some free time.

Badrinath to Dehradun (day6)

Your Chardham yatra journey comes to an end today. If you want to deepen your spiritual experience, get up early, go to the temple, and observe the Abhishek puja before returning to the hotel. After enjoying your final lunch in Uttarakhand, finish the check-out procedures. Their driver will take you from the resort and drop you off at the Sahastradhara helipad to continue your trip to your home. 

Price of  2023 helicopter tour of the Char Dham Yatra

LIH offers a six days and five nights tour package from Dehradun for Rs. 185000+ GST per single person.

LIH offerings

  • LIH provide Char Dham yatra helicopter packages and Dehradun as the starting and ending points.
  • Delectable breakfast, lunch, and supper are included in your hotel package.
  • VIP Darshan at all of the Char Dham temples using the VIP Pass.
  • Facilities for local transportation and sightseeing.
  • Free accommodation for one night in Dehradun.


Helicopter travel is a fantastic choice to complete the Chardham yatra in Uttarakhand since it saves you time and ensures your safety. As described above, selecting the LIH Travel Chardham yatra package can have additional advantages. After making your char Dham yatra plans, contact us to make the trip memorable.

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