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Fluffy cow: Description and characteristics of the breed of fluffy cows


fluffy cow: Among livestock, it’s hard to find more adorable animals than fluffy little cows. Stuffed pets are bred exclusively for the delight of the soul and eyes. Cows do not produce milk and using animals as a source of meat is not profitable, because the minimum cost of a calf is 6 thousand dollars. Despite the high prices, the cows are popular.

The wonderful stuffed cows owe their appearance to Iowa farmer Matt Lottner. Small animals, like toys, became famous in 2011. At that time, the enterprising farmer posted photos of the pets on the Internet. The woolly beauties, bred by Matt Lottner, instantly captured the hearts of animal lovers, but real popularity came to them in 2013, after taking part in the annual farm animal fair.


This fluffy “toy” cow cannot boast of impressive size. The tallest representatives of the fluffy family can hardly reach 135 cm at the withers. Despite the modest parameters, the weight of the animal differs little from the weight of ordinary cows. The weight of the plush heifer is 500 kg, the bull gains 750-800 kg.

Furry pets have a number of distinctive features:

  1. As befits stuffed creatures, the animal does not have horns. This feature emphasizes the decorative aspect of the pet.
  2. An elegant cow coat is painted in a milky, red, brownish-beige, black or reddish tone.
  3. The fur is soft, smooth. The quality of the vegetation is often compared to the wool of an alpaca.
  4. A wide powerful back, rounded sides, a short neck and a small head give the animal’s body the appearance of a massive rectangle.
  5. The magnificent body of the pet is supported by short, straight legs. Dense and fluffy vegetation covers the entire surface of the animal’s body from the crown of the head to the hooves. Due to total overgrowth, the cows’ limbs look like neat, hairy poles.
  6. The cow’s udder is very underdeveloped. The organ is only suitable for feeding the calf.
  7. The tail of a funny animal is evenly covered with soft fur. A tassel is formed at the end of the tail.


Despite the fact that long-haired cows of the Highland, Dutch, Red Steppe breeds existed before, terry cows differ from their relatives. The decorative animal is completely covered with soft wool, which gives the pet the appearance of a neat volumetric rectangle. The breed was bred to draw attention to agricultural products and decorate the farm.

Unfortunately, the spectacular appearance of the animal does not last long. Already after the cow reaches the age of 1 year, the structure of the pet’s coat does not change for the better. The ground cover of the horned beauty loses its smoothness and silkiness, the animal turns into a heavy and shaggy creature. The cow remains too large, and with good care, the appearance of the animal is still quite attractive, however, the pet is not suitable for participation in exhibitions. Due to its docile nature, the cuddly cow will delight adults and children for many years.



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