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How big is the call center platforms market?


According to research by Salesforce.com, Inc., about 84% of customers value an organization’s experience just as much as its services and goods. Businesses have also come to the realization that enhancing customer service may contribute to higher profitability. Therefore, in an effort to improve customer service, companies are quickly implementing call center solutions, which are helping the market for call center platforms develop.


A cloud call center platform is a fully-functional, cloud-native, integrated platform created to make it easier for customers to communicate with agents (or self-service systems) across many channels, improving both the agent and customer experience. Call center software helps companies manage customer interactions through live chat, instant messaging, phone, email, SMS text messages, and social media.

Market size of call center platforms market

  • The call center platforms market was estimated to be worth USD 27634.57 million in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to be worth USD 88740.03 million by 2029, at a CAGR of 15.70% over the forecast period, according to Data Bridge Market Research. 
  • The market report created by the Data Bridge Market Research team includes in-depth expert analysis, import/export analysis, pricing analysis, production consumption analysis, and pestle analysis in addition to market insights like market value, growth rate, market segments, geographical coverage, market players, and market scenario.
  • The offering, platform, organization size, deployment type, and end-user sector are the main market segments for call center systems. The expansion of these divisions will enable you to study the industries’ scarce growth segments and give users a comprehensive market overview and industry insights to aid in the identification of key market applications.

Fundamentals of  call center platforms market

  • It is anticipated that increased use of cloud-based contact centers would increase demand for call center platforms and accelerate the market’s expansion. Through cloud-based technology, agents may connect from any location and have real-time access to customer information. Furthermore, cloud-based call center solutions eliminate the requirement for full-time employees to physically work at a location; this technology also enables agents to work remotely. The increased security and system dependability boost security. Vendors of call center systems provide an active architecture where processing of end-user infrastructure is divided between two sites.
  • In order to create long-term value for businesses, consumer care executives are now fostering stronger ties with customers. More than 60% of industries, according to the research, are enhancing their data analysis, which is crucial for providing a better customer experience. Thanks to AI and ML technology, organizations now have more access to unique customer data for improved experiences. For instance, AI-based chatbot and social media management solutions make it simple for clients to solve their own issues. Through the provision of actionable data for customer insights, business process automation will help increase employee overall organizational performance and agility.

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COVID-19 Impact on Call Center Platforms Market

Due to increased use of contact center software under atypical circumstances, the COVID-19 outbreak had a minor impact on the market for call center platforms. There is a growing need for firms to replace obsolete infrastructure and develop more flexible consumer contact techniques. However, the effectiveness of customer interactions has always been significantly influenced by the promptness and accuracy of requests that may be addressed. The use of contact center software is driven by the ongoing trend of working from home during the pandemic to increase productivity and ensure company continuity. For instance, the well-known Belgian carrier VOO quickly shifted their 188 agents to remote work in April 2020 after implementing an agile cloud contact center solution.

Additionally, contact centers now offer a lot more information on healthcare and travel. Additionally, it has accelerated digital transformation across a wide range of other businesses. Contact center solutions are becoming strategic choices as a consequence, and in certain cases, they serve as the public face of a company.

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