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How the Charmed Reboot Championed Diversity


Whether you are in the entertainment industry or the corporate world, diversity is a crucial foundation of society’s success, with this essential element mirroring society’s structure. With this in mind, storytellers portray this to their audience, an aspect the charmed reboot successfully executed. Discussed are ways diversity took center stage in this show’s remake.

Social Inclusion

It is no secret that people of diverse racial groups often get different treatment in society, an aspect that Brad Kern, the reboot’s showrunner, tackles. One of the charmed sisters is biracial, an element that becomes the topic of conversation when she attempts to join one of the campus sororities. She, however, succeeds, allowing social equity to prevail. The sisters also interact and bond beautifully daily, despite being brought up in different social settings.

Racial Representation

The charmed ones in this reboot are Latina, with the cast hailing from diverse backgrounds such as Afro-Caribbean, African American, and Puerto Rican. This makes the show relatable to different audiences, pulling in new viewership from varied regions of the globe. Such representation often sparks the debate for inclusivity, laying the footprint for upcoming shows. It also inspires more diverse actors to join the entertainment scene, with their varied cultures being an advantage rather than a hindrance.

Female Empowerment

True feminism is about empowering women without ridiculing men. This series portrays this perfectly and puts the female-led cast at the center while allowing the male cast to join the story and build on it. Mel, for instance, spearheads women’s rights as she advances her education on the same subject. Her sisters and the entire cast support her on this, allowing her to excel in her quest for championing change. Her sisters also prove to be leaders in their fields, as each pursues their interests without fear and bias towards the other.

The male cast is a vital support system for the charmed one’s daily lives, providing a stronghold against external attacks. In retrospect, the charmed reboot seeks to end the unhealthy competition between the two gender identities, allowing for harmonious collaboration towards a shared goal, both onscreen and off-screen.

Sexual Diversity

Same-sex couples have often taken the back seat regarding representation on the big screen, with actors required to identify with the traditional heterosexual box. This is not the case in the charmed reboot, with one of the prominent cast members, Mel, portrayed as a proud member of the LGBTQ. She goes on to seek out romantic interests in the series, allowing her audiences to appreciate her different sexual preference that often gets shunned in society. In essence, her portrayal of a same-sex relationship shows that members of the LGBTQ group are indeed ordinary people deserving of love and respect in the community.

While the show is created for entertainment, it does an excellent job highlighting some often controversial themes and everyday struggles that society experiences. If you are looking for a show that portrays sexual diversity, social inclusion, female empowerment, and racial diversity, the charmed reboot is what you need. You get the best of different spheres of life while still getting the thrill of a fun-filled and captivating supernatural adventure.

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