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How to Get Reviews for Your Self-Published Books?


Book reviews are a very important part of your marketing strategy. Positive reviews convince readers that your self-published book is worth their time, pique their interest with plot descriptions, and instantly establish your credibility.

However, the book review process involves more than just sending your self-published book to a reader and waiting for their feedback. You must first make sure that your book is prepared for review.

Finally, you must learn how to take advantage of your reviews in order to increase Self Published book sales. But before all of that, strategies would come to get reviews for the book. Of course, not everyone will come to your site and give you reviews, so how would you encourage them? That’s what we will be talking about today. book publishers near me bring you a guide that will tell you ways with which you can get book reviews for your Self Published books from your readers.


1.   Advance Copies For Readers


Sending out advance reader copies is a great strategy to get reviews if you’re still finishing up your book’s preparations for publication and have a base of readers familiar with your writing.

The term “copies of a book that are given out to reviewers before the publication date” is meant by the acronym “ARCs,” which is frequently used in the publishing community. Participating in an ARC program, in which readers get an advanced copy of a Self Published book in exchange for reviews or feedback, is frequently exciting for readers.

Many independent authors use their social media platforms to request ARC book reviewers.


2.   Contact Influencers And Book Bloggers


Although this tactic is free, the research process takes some time.

The reviews of books can be found on many blogs. It’s important to research and finds bloggers who fit your genre and accepts books for review because they typically specialize in particular genres. If you are chosen, the blogger will write a review of your Self Published book on their website in addition to Amazon and GoodReads.


3.   Ask Your Mailing List About Your Self-Published Book


Building a mailing list gives you direct access to your readers, which is a good marketing strategy for all authors. Request frank reviews of your book(s) from your list of readers once you have a small number of them.

Setting up a sequence of automated emails that are sent out when someone joins your list and includes a request for reviews is one simple way to accomplish this.


4.   Build A Launch Team For Your Self-Published Book


There are numerous methods for finding book reviewers. As we’ve seen, you can reach out to influential reviewers, free book review websites, or book bloggers.

These techniques take a lot of time and effort, even though they might result in a few reviews.

Your launch team is a group of individuals who have agreed to read your book ahead of time and write a review as soon as it goes live.

It is essential to establish long-lasting relationships when creating a launch team. Because of this, you should build relationships with your early-bird reviewers to manage an efficient launch team.


5.   Message Amazon’s “Top Reviewers.”


Another choice is to contact the big kahunas or the authors of the best Amazon reviews. These are the people who have received hundreds or even thousands of reviews on Amazon. The community has determined these people to be the most valuable and accurate. It means that their advice is priceless, and if you can secure a favorable review from them, your Self Published book will be as well.

Naturally, you’ll need to carefully search this list to find a reviewer who covers your industry. Once you’ve located them, you’ll need to send them a persuasive personal message requesting a review.

There is still no guarantee that their review will be favorable even after all of that. It is up to you to decide whether this is a high-risk, high-reward path that is worth taking.


6.   Consult With Paid Review Services


This point may benefit you if you have some money lying around. Pursuing paid review services may be an option for you if you have extra cash to use.

While some of these services have a bad reputation for being unethical, there are also websites that read your book and provide an honest, unbiased review, as that is what they are paid to do. Remember that the best book review services won’t be inexpensive.


7.   Inform Your Audience About Your Book


Although Amazon forbids reviews from close friends and family, you are free to share information about your book with your random social media followers and hope they will leave positive comments. H

Having a sizable following on Twitter or Instagram helps. It helps even more if some of those followers are other authors who understand the value of reviews.

Inform your followers that your book is available and that you hope they enjoy it. The rest is up to them. However, any level of awareness is preferable when it comes to reviews.


8.   Use A Call To Action 


The easiest way to start receiving reviews is through this method, and once you’ve set it up, you can completely disregard it.

Once your book is published, add a straightforward, succinct call to action (CTA) on the last page. Thank you for reading something like that. Please think about posting a sincere review on your preferred retailer if you liked this book.

9.   Look For Goodreads Groups


Reader groups are arranged by genre on Goodreads. Check the rules before posting because some are intended only for readers and actively discourage authors from doing so, while others are made for reviews and promotions. Use Godheads as a reader first to familiarize yourself with the platform’s culture.




There are many methods available to get reviews for your books. Most are legitimate, and some of them are not. When collecting reviews for your next book, make sure you do it in an ethical way. Avoid anything that deems to be “incentivized reviews.”

Avoid a website if it guarantees to earn you good reviews in exchange for payment. Trust me; it isn’t worthwhile. Continue looking for reviews to add to your book.

The key to increasing your work’s value and credibility, boosting sales, and keeping your book on bestseller lists is book reviews. Don’t cut corners with them. We hope that with this article, you will b able to get reviews for your book.

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