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Is LASIK allowed in Indian Air Force?


If there is any defect in vision, it can destroy your career. In today’s article, we will ask you questions about the standard of creation in the Indian armed forces, i.e. Many candidates become weak in their eyesight with constant hard work. In such a situation, it is a little tricky to get these candidates selected for the Indian armed forces.

But if you have improved your eyesight through surgery and whether this standard is applicable in the Indian armed forces or not. This article will prove to be very good and informative for you. Let’s start and let you know what LASIK surgery is and whether or not it is valid in the Indian Army.

What is LASIK surgery?

It is common for candidates preparing for the Indian Armed Forces to have a visual or visual impairment. They use glasses for this. You know that if you use glasses, your vision standard should be better. If you wear glasses and dream of joining the armed forces, it will be possible for you to join the armed forces and serve the country. You will need to undergo surgery for this. detailed information about LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery is used to treat vision loss. This surgery is commonly known as laser eye surgery or laser eye corrector. This treatment is done for a person or candidate suffering from myopia, hypermetropia, farsightedness etc. Individuals or candidates who want to get rid of glasses can undergo this LASIK surgery. According to the ophthalmologist, this operation is performed to give the eye’s cornea the correct shape. A laser is used for better shaping.

Is surgery allowed in Indian Armed Forces?

Indian Air Force:-

To join the Indian Air Force, if a candidate has undergone laser surgery to improve their eyesight, they are considered for selection.

 Many candidates applying to fly in Indian Air Force ground and technical branches are looking for Indian Air Force Vision Standards and what vision they should have. All details regarding the required image and conditions for LASIK surgery are listed below.

Candidates who have undergone PRK (Photo Refractive Keratotomy)/LASIK (Laser in situ Keratomileusis) may be eligible for commissioning in all branches of the Air Force.

Candidates for the PRK/LASIK post must meet the visual requirements required for the branch.

The following criteria must be met before selection for PRK/Lasik during the examination. LASIK surgery should not be performed before the age of 20.

  • The eye’s axial length should not be greater than 25.5 mm, as measured by the IOL master.
  • After uncomplicated stable PRK/LASIK, at least 12 months should pass without history or signs of any complication.
  • The thickness of the cornea after LASIK, measured with a corneal pachymeter, should not be less than 450 microns.
  • Individuals with high refractive error (>6D) before LASIK should be excluded.

Good news

LASIK is accepted by the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force. However, specific criteria and standards are set. The essential criteria are that the individual must be over 20 years old before undergoing LASIK and that LASIK should be performed six months before the medical examination. The eye’s axial length must be less than 25.5 mm (or 26 mm). The residual thickness of the cornea after the procedure cannot be less than 450 microns.

At least one year should pass without any complications.

And lots of medical stuff like corneal thickness etc

If you meet these criteria, you can choose AFA. It 


The Air Force only allows one laser eye correction.

To Join an Air force, you must have excellent eyesight to perceive and react quickly. 

If you have 6/6 vision after wearing glasses, you can join ground staff officers of technical branches.

 Choose a reliable surgeon for your surgery, as a small mistake can quickly become a significant problem.

You can opt for laser eye surgery eye treatment in Delhi as you will find the best doctor in the country there.

Civil norms do not apply here. The axial length and thickness of the cornea play a crucial role.


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