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Panera Bread: The Whole Truth Exposed


It would appear that a bread bowl full of hot soup and acceptable speeds of free internet access are the keys to the American heart. At least, that’s the recipe for success. That’s helped Panera Bread expand to more than 2,000 locations across the United States and Canada. With their speedy service and wide selection of soups, and salads. And sandwiches. At the forefront of the fast-casual movement. They are also a major player in the North American economy due to the fact that. Employ more than 40,000 people. To what extent, then, do their claims of healthiness ring true? What have they been doing differently that has led to their success? And do they ever make blunders? Here some details about the baking megalith that often overlooked.

Saint Louis Bread Co. Was Their Original Name

Have you ever wondered why, despite the company’s inception in 1981. You couldn’t find a Panera Bread until the 1990s? The reason is. It didn’t come into being until the mid-1990s. When two businesspeople bought the Saint Louis Bread Co., a small chain of bakery-cafes serving the St. Louis area. As a result, the founders of Au Bon Pain, Louis Kane and Ron Shaich wanted to rebrand and expand their modest midwestern chain. Panera Bread promo code was established in 1983. Panera Bread’s founders quickly saw that the company could grow into a global powerhouse, so they divested themselves of Au Bon Pain to focus on the new venture. Some of the original Saint Louis Bread Co. stores remain in business. In addition, in the late ’00s. Panera Bread acquired Paradise Bakery & Cafe.

Panera Was The Nation’s Largest Free Wifi Provider

Unlike competitors such as Starbucks and McDonald’s. Provides free wifi to its customers at many of its locations. By providing wifi, they were able to achieve their goal of increasing sales by about 15% in the time between meals. However, as the service became the largest provider of free wifi in the country, it also experienced some difficulties as a result of a large number of users. What they did ground-breaking at the time, but with widespread 3G and 4G networks and numerous wifi service providers, this is less of a problem today.

Panera Bread Truly Baked Every Day

In fact, Panera’s bread baked fresh every day. That way you know the bread you buy is fresh and, in my experience, sometimes still warm. However, the dough isn’t made locally; rather, it made in their Fresh Dough Facilities and then delivered by truck to each store. That makes them a major organisation in the field of professional baking. The bread is probably much fresher than the pre-sliced loaves you can grab off the shelf at the supermarket because they move a lot of products quickly.

However, Not All Of It Is As Fresh As It Claims To Be

An alleged employee of Panera claimed in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread on Reddit that the chain’s macaroni and cheese isn’t made in-house. It instead shipped to stores frozen, and customers can choose to reheat it in the microwave or over boiling water. The worker also claims that the avocados are not in prime condition by the end of the day because they left out all day. Of course, there’s no proof of this, so your results may differ.

It Is Not Always Necessary To Pay

There a lot of people who went hungry in 2016, as 12.3 per cent of American households, or about 41.2 million people, affected by food insecurity, according to the USDA. Panera noticed this in 2010 and resolved to take action. To combat food insecurity in a humane way, the first Panera Cares community café opened in Saint Louis at that time. They duplicated their successful formula in Boston in 2013. Stores like these. Which run as charities, look and feel like any other Panera, except that customers pay what they can afford. People who aren’t having financial difficulties can pay full price or more, while those who are can get food at a discount or for free. Customers in need can also get referrals from these cafes to other community resources like food banks and homeless shelters.

Panera Generosity Exploited By Some

It’s understandable that there were problems with the Panera Cares program. Given the good intentions behind it. The restaurant struggled to make ends meet in some cities, like Portland, because customers there didn’t pay enough to maintain normal business operations. Portland’s Panera Cares has since closed, but the company continues to run two other Panera Cares locations, both of which are profitable thanks to the high number of customers who regularly pay the full price (or even more) for their meals.

Overall, Their Health Status Is Positive

The experts at Health magazine named Panera the healthiest fast food chain in 2013. This a rare occurrence, as “healthy” and “fast food” are rarely used in the same sentence. Dietitians commended them for offering many nutritious choices, such as whole-grain bread and fresh fruit. You can easily reduce your calorie intake by ordering a half-size of your favourite soup, salad, or sandwich. Their organic peanut butter and yoghurt were lauded as nutritious choices for kids.

In addition, Ron Shaich has recently announced that all menu items will offer in kid-sized portions, making it simpler for children to select from a range of nutritious meals rather than limited to the same unhealthy options typically served at restaurants catering to children. Furthermore, he made the audacious move of challenging the CEOs of competing for fast-food chains to rethink their approach to the kid’s menu.

The Pioneers Of Online Calorie Counting

Panera was the pioneer in the fast food industry in posting calorie counts on their menus, and they also offer a wide variety of nutritious options. Customers can evaluate their dietary intake and make informed decisions that meet their dietary requirements. Panera’s chief concept officer, Scott Davis, recently gave an interview with USA Today “Naturally, this lays bare all the dirty laundry. Considering the options of a 100-calorie bowl of soup and a 300- or 400-calorie sandwich, the best course of action becomes obvious.” They were ahead of the curve even though they knew they would have to follow the ACA eventually.

Even Now, Indulging Is Simple There

It’s true that Panera has earned a reputation for serving healthy options, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also eat to your heart’s content there. Let’s not forget that they serve macaroni and cheese in a bread bowl, which, if you do the math, comes to 1,140 calories and 35 grammes of fat. In addition, many of the sandwiches they sell unhealthy because they piled high with fat, salt, and calories. Also, for only 99 cents, you can purchase a baked good that loaded with sugar and fat. In addition to the main course, you can choose to have a side of chips, a baguette, or an apple, so you can imagine how quickly the calories can add up. Thankfully, the calorie counts clearly displayed.

Panera Promote Questionable Clean Eating

All of Panera’s “clean” food is their claim to fame. To clarify. What does that entail? Their website explains that “clean” food is defined as “food that does not contain artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavours, and colours from artificial sources.” Considering that some additives, like trans fats and excessive salt, can be harmful to your health, this is encouraging news. But there are experts who say Panera’s clean campaign is nothing but scare tactics. Ohio State University food science graduate fellow Matt Teegarden told Forbes. “It spreads the idea that substances with scientific names are inherently dangerous and have no place in food. While their scientific names might put you off. That doesn’t mean they’re harmful.”

It’s also important to use additives that help reduce waste. In an interview with Forbes, John Frelka, a doctoral student in food science at The Ohio State University, explained that “without these additives, some foods and personal care products would go bad before you could use them all up, creating a lot of waste.”

Panera Always Get The Little Fountain Drink

Here’s a money-saving tip for those enjoying a meal at Panera. Skip the large fountain drink or coffee. Instead, get the mini and refill. It as often as you like (within reason). If you’re going to get a soft drink. Get a small size because refills are free regardless of what you order. Being a frequent visitor to Panera. I can attest to that. They are totally chill about me guzzling as much iced tea as I like. The only exception is for beverages made to order. Which are not included in the unlimited refill policy. Additionally, the larger size is the better option when ordering food to go.

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