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The Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Using a LED Ring Light


In a very short time, the led light ring has risen to become an essential tool for photographers, makeup artists, and, especially, creators of multimedia content.

In the world of photography, light has always been a determining factor of the result. No matter how good the objective is, without the right light it will not be a perfect image, and this is where the led light ring comes in.

What Is A Led Light Ring?


In its simplest conception, a ring of led ring light or ring of light, as it is also known, is a circular lamp, with a ring of led light emission. An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is simply a light-emitting diode.

These light diodes are arranged around the circumference of the ring of the lamp and emit a uniform light, which illuminates the object or area towards which they are directed.

Thanks to its circular shape, the light ring manages to minimize the shadow effect at all angles.


What Is A Led Light Ring Used For?


The led light ring was originally created with the aim of serving macro photography. However, it is in content creation where it has become an indispensable tool.

Possibly, you are wondering, what is the light ring for if the cameras have their flash? It’s simple, the light emitted by the led light ring is less invasive and does not have the lightning effect of flash light and thanks to its circular shape it evenly illuminates the entire area that you want to take in a constant manner.

For this reason, more and more people use the light ring for photography, taking selfies, tutorials, mainly beauty, interviews and even more for the creation of audiovisual content.

How To Use A Led Light Ring


How to use a led light ring, it is something very simple. And depending on the objective of the shot, you can find different types of light rings, for example:

  • The smallest selfie ring light that connects directly to the Smartphone to ensure illumination wherever you go.
  • There is also the ring of light to record TikTok or other types of content, larger and that is used on a tripod or base.

The correct way to use the LED light ring is by placing the camera lens in the center of the ring. And positioning it at a medium distance from the subject or object that you want to take. This ensures that the subject of the shot is evenly illuminated from the direction of the camera.


Aspects To Consider When Buying A Led Light Ring


As we already know, the led light ring is used frequently and almost indispensable in the world of photography in all its types, whether professional or not, this includes macro photography, selfies, professional or home videos, interviews, broadcasts on alive, etc

However, before deciding to purchase this important piece of equipment, we must determine the use that we are going to give it and based on that, assess the characteristics (diameter, power, support, etc.) that we need to have.


By diameter, we refer to the actual size of the led light ring. Since, depending on its size, we will see more or less benefit in its use according to our needs.

In other words, a ring of light for a cell phone is not the same as for a professional camera, nor is taking a selfie the same as producing a video for YouTube, TikTok or any other type of platform.

So, we must take into account the objective that we want to take, to select the appropriate size of our led light ring.

Lighting Power

When it comes to lighting power, the higher the lumens (lm) and Color Rendering Index (CRI), the better the lighting output and color rendering of the object being illuminated. However, this must also be taken into account depending on the objective of the shot. But the softbox lights are highly recommended in this regard.

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