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The style box uk fashion lifestyle blog: Everything you need to know


Tradition and vanguard. This is the combination that we could call the ‘British style’ key . One only has to walk, for example, through the streets of London to verify that on the sidewalks the immaculate suits coexist with rogue boots, avant-garde designs and classic berets. There are no rules , nor are there clear guidelines that determine how to achieve this style, but the style box uk fashion lifestyle blog is simply a matter of having it ingrained and knowing how to show off it.

Even so, there are a number of details that must be taken into account if you want to feel the British influence in your wardrobe. Aspects that, even if you don’t have them in your DNA, will help you get a little closer to the true Summum of masculine style:

A mystery

If the British have shown one thing, it is that they are true experts in the art of combining luxury pieces with other ‘low cost’ ones. They are the kings of the basics, having to always be quality and unpretentious.

They move like fish in water in classic tailoring but also among the most avant-garde or groundbreaking designs. Perhaps that is the secret of his success, having learned before anyone else that the wealth of trends is the key.

An icon: David Beckham

We could list hundreds of personalities deserving of the title of icon for different reasons (from David Bowie and his glam aesthetic, to Elton John with his extravagant looks that continue to be inspiring today, to classics like the actor Terence Stamp or Cary Grant serve as examples), but there is no doubt that the figure of the former soccer player is the one that has transcended and influenced several generations the most, becoming a brand in itself.

A craze: Prince of Wales

If there is a print capable of surviving fashions in the men’s wardrobe, it is the one known as “Prince of Wales”. So called because it was this person who popularized it by changing the colors designated by the Countess of Seafield for the workers of her Scottish estate to wear, it is that drawing based on alternating dark and light stripes to form larger or smaller squares.

A sign: Burberry

It is perhaps one of the greatest exponents of British fashion since its first store was opened in 1856, since it knew how to go from making work clothes to making military clothing iconic and later becoming a brand at the forefront of innovation such as it is now.

Of course it is not the only one that enjoys great international recognition. The grunge of Vivienne Westwood, the Barbour jackets, the famous Dr Martens boots or the Belstaff jackets are just a few examples of names that have become part of history with their creations.

A garment: The trench

What is more British in a wardrobe than a trench coat? This garment designed by Thomas Burberry who achieved his fame in the. First World War l continues to be the favorite of millions of Englishmen who have found in its waterproof. Fabric and its pristine design the perfect piece with which to face the rain without giving up the elegance.

A shoe: The boots

The weather is the main cause but they have been able to give them. The play they deserve both with a pair of jeans and with a more casual-looking suit. And it is that they have a wide variety of their own creations among which to find the. Model that best fits each one: from the ones with. Dr Martens-type laces to the iconic Chelsea that rock stars have used so much, to the water versioned by Hunter.

These coexist with the other great challenges of men’s footwear in the United Kingdom. The Oxford-type shoes that are part of the historic. Tradition of this type of model that many artisans can continue to boast today on the island.

A maxim: Made in Britain

The British are not inspired by the Italians, the French or the Americans. They dress plain and simple like the British. They don’t all dress the same but they dress to be unique. Hence, they have turned their style into something so valued and appreciated throughout the world. They value their creators and their history above all else. Which they know how to take advantage of at all times.



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