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Things To Look For While Buying Bedside Tables Online


Nightstands or bedside tables are essential pieces. They keep all the things within easy reach, including alarm clocks and table lights. It is crucial to get the right-sized bedside table so you can store all your bedtime necessities close at hand. When selecting the proper bedside table online dimensions, there exist a few factors. 


These factors can range from the length and breadth of your room to the arrangement of the furniture, and many other things. You can buy a bedside table online after looking for the four things mentioned below in this post. Let us get started. 


Things To Look For While Buying Bedside Tables 

1. Bedside Table Dimensions


Begin by evaluating the available capacity and the height of the bed to determine the ideal bedside table height for the bedroom. This will guarantee that the bedside table seems appropriate for the room. For the common sizes that are available for the bed, there are common sizes of the bedside table. 


You can match the height of the table with the height of the bed. Generally, they should be equal. While buying the bed online, you can easily locate the typical measurements for each size. The platform from where you are buying a bedside table should provide the facility of matching dimensions. 

2. Height Of The Bedside Table


What is the ideal height of your bed and the nightstand? A bedside table should never be too low or too high in order to keep things within easy reach. It is a good choice for a bedside table that is within three times the distance between the floor and the height of the mattress. 


These two points come as the standard low and high points. Low bedside tables are under 23 “tall and go comfortably with the lower frames of the bed, like contemporary platform beds, which frequently sit below the other bed types. The height of a typical bedside table is from 23 to 28 inches.


3. Width Of The Bedside Table


To maintain proportional equilibrium, the breadth of a bedside table must be dictated by the height of the bed. In addition, the distance from the edge of the bed to the bedside table must be around 3 or 6 inches. This keeps everything handy and leaves space that is necessary during bedding. 


Traditionally, narrow bedside tables are less than 21 inches broad. This size is quite suitable for mattresses due to its slender shape. Standard nightstands, which have a width ranging from 21 to 28 inches, look best next to a bed in the queen-size category. There are also bigger bedside tables available. 

4. Depth Of The Bedside Table


The depth of the bedside table must be sufficient to accommodate any bedside accessories, such as books, table lights, or alarms. It is crucial to think about what you desire to put on top of the bedside table because most of these bedside tables range in depth from 12 to 30 inches. 


Choose a bedside table with deeper proportions for the adequate surface area if you want to put larger objects on the bedside table. A huge reading light or a huge stack of magazines can be such an object. If you have a better budget, you can buy another bedside table for heavier objects. 



From this post, you have seen the factors or things to look for while buying bedside tables online. There are just some pieces of decor that constitute a bedroom; the bed serves as its main point. One main decor is a nightstand. Your bedroom can stay tidy if you have a bedside table.


Any reputable site selling bedside tables in Melbourne, Australia, will keep you aware of the dimensions. You must check them out. Besides the bed is where nightlights and other nighttime necessities are often placed. Without reaching out of bed, you may more quickly access the objects.


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