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Ukraine and Russia must negotiate


Nature of Conflict

The conflict in Ukraine is gravely intensifying. On the battlefield, Ukraine is making strides and is growing more and more determined to drive out the Russian forces. While doing so, the Kremlin strengthens its weakened forces. In eastern Ukraine, cracks down on its cities and vital infrastructure, and makes nuclear weapons use a possible option. As the G7 democracies recently stated, the United States and its allies are hurriedly delivering more armaments to Ukraine. They are ready to “stand firm with Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

Ukraine’s response

Ukraine has mounted a courageous and heroic defense of its sovereignty with the assistance of the West. However, the chance of a longer battle between NATO and Russia is growing. As is the chance that the economic repercussions of a protracted conflict could damage Western democracies. It is time for the US and its allies to take a more active role. In setting Ukraine’s strategic objectives, resolving the conflict, and pursuing a diplomatic solution.

Role of West

The West has done a commendable job, up to this point, of maintaining its level of risk and intervention. in line with the interests at stake. The protection of Ukraine is a strategic priority but not a vital interest, as stated by President Joe Biden. Because of this, the United States is leading the effort to provide the Ukrainians. with the tools they need to protect themselves while remaining neutral in the conflict. Washington has let Kiev make the decisions, providing Kiev with financial and military backing while. allowing Ukraine to choose its own war objectives and military plan.

But as the war progresses, it gets harder and harder to maintain US involvement at a level that serves US interests. Yes, the military successes of Ukraine are welcome setbacks to the nefarious intentions of the Kremlin. While Kiev battles for its sovereignty and territory. All Russian targets are fair game, but Ukrainian actions, that significantly raise the risk of escalation may be tactically foolish. Washington need Kiev to be more. Forthcoming about its war plans and for US officials to be more involved in Kiev’s management of the war. In order to reduce the possibility of a wider conflict between NATO and Russia.

Vladimir Putin behavior

Operations by Ukraine have already led to President Vladimir Putin behaving even more rashly. The daughter of one of Russia’s most vociferous ultranationalists. Daria Dugina, was killed in a car explosion outside of Moscow in August. And US intelligence agencies suspect that certain Ukrainian government officials were behind it. Then, in October, a truck bomb partially destroyed the Kerch Strait bridge that connects. Crimea with Russia, and Ukraine is said to have initiated attacks on the Belgorod region of Russia. which served as a staging ground for Russian troops close to the border. moving toward Ukraine. The Russian Black Sea fleet’s ships were assaulted by Ukrainian drones.

The vehicle bomb and bridge attack were apparently not reported to the United States, which reportedly censured Kiev for Dugina’s death out of fear that such actions, would intensify the conflict yet have little effect on the battlefield.

It was constructed by the Russian government following the illegitimate annexation of Crimea. In 2014 and serves as a supply route for Russian forces in Ukraine, making it a legitimate military target. Putin, in response, launched a punitive air campaign against Ukraine’s urban centers, power grid, and water supply, and he threatened to make life even harder for Ukrainians as winter drew near. However, the bridge is also of utmost symbolic and political value to Putin.


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