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What do birds fly into the house to hit?


Birds flying into the house are very common phenomena. Especially the houses in the countryside or houses that are surrounded by many trees often see birds flying into the house, even flying in and dying inside the house. So if you don’t know what birds to fly into the house, let’s spend a little time to clarify this issue in the article below!


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What messages and omens do birds bring to the house?


Birds entering homes are a typical occurrence in rural areas. Especially in areas near fields and forests. Birds flying into the house often are a good omen, bringing blessings, everything goes well for the owner, as the old people often say, “good land where birds land”.


Birds fly into the house to hit what to win big


The phenomenon of birds entering the house also depends on the type of bird perching or flying, as well as the number of birds that have flown into the house. The following numbers will correspond to the type of bird in flight:

If a bird flies into your house and you can’t tell what kind of bird it is, hit 56-80.

The bird on the roof does not fly into the house, then 67

Birds perching and singing in the house immediately hit the 87.

Sparrows perched in the house boldly hit the number 76.

A house with a bird or a swan flying in is numbered 87.

If you spot a pigeon flying into your house, hit 32.

If you see a bird’s wings in the house but do not see the bird, immediately hit the number 01 – 65 to win big.




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